Our core business consists in implementing technological projects or solutions for the information systems of our customers.


Who are we ?

Engineers, Consultants, Architects and Project managers of systems integration of information, we control the Information technology. We put our competences at the service of our customers by accompanying them in the technological change by their trades and control by complex programs.


Which are our trades ?


  • Engineer IN PARTNER

    The Engineer learns his first lessons in fundamental in development, integration and parameter setting. He integrates a Course of Development in 3 years which enables him to work on varied missions and to benefit from this period of training for then choosing his future specialization trade.

    Its missions: to produce software and to test them by complying with the quality standards, the rules of art and the loads which are provided to him.


  • Engineer experienced IN PARTNER

    The Engineer experienced with reinforced his training on the general terms of reference and common and chooses a specialization according to the target trade which interests it. The three major ones which is proposed to him correspond to the great trades of IN PARTNER: “Functional Analysis”, “Technology and Architecture”, “Project management and Support”.

    Its missions: to ensure the technical design starting from the specifications of an application and to break up the software into basic components. The experienced Engineer defines the strategy of integration and controls it. It takes part in the realization, with maintenance and with the evolutions of the production then validates it.


  • Engineer Senior IN PARTNER

    Engineer Senior can continue his career by choosing one of the 6 following trades :

    • Engineer Métier & Technologie analyzes the needs for his customer as regards business process, of problematic trades or information systems; he suggests solutions to improve, optimize or redesign the existing processes and systems.

    • The Town-planner establishes with his customer a strategy of evolution of his information system; he defines the project of implementation, by optimizing the urbanisation of the existing and future systems.

    • The Architect of Information system conceives application architecture (software, package) and his interfaces: he defines of them the organisational principles in the respect of the standards, the procedures and the desired evolutions.

    • The Integrating Architect ensures the cohesion of the solution suggested in the information system and guarantees the integrability of the systems. He ensures the final assembly of the systems in the respect of the town-planning scheme and architecture selected.

    • The Manager of project manages and coordinates the whole of the activities of the project; he takes care of the good progress and the delivery of a solution in conformity with waitings customer in the respect of the deadlines and the budget. He makes sure of the satisfaction of the customer by optimizing the creation of value on the project.

    • The Manager Methods & tools are in charge to industrialize the processes of piloting of project: it implements and manages the tools and the most effective methodologies, produces the indicators of piloting and ensures the operational follow-up of the project. It ensures and promotes the quality of the project and the deliverable ones.

They trust us

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