IN PARTNER its expert testimony in the following branches of industry brings :


Strategic markets

A global offer declined by sector

The perfect understanding of business processes is a key factor in positioning oneself as a partner in vital transformation projects.

Each of our Market Divisions offers a particularly rich sectoral offering that :

  • Takes into account the issues specific to the different economic sectors,
  • Declines in an adapted way the major transversal subjects
  • Commitment capacity on all business transformation projects,
  • Support for services: upstream consulting, implementation of standard market solutions, development of specific systems.


Bank / Finance

To maintain attractiveness and competitiveness, the banking sector is constantly evolving. The challenge is to keep pace while focusing on growth. We assist banks in the transformation and improvement of their information system to :

  • to understand precisely the needs of their customers
  • offer quality competitive products
  • ensure optimum security on the various platforms available
  • offer an irreproachable quality of service
  • ensure compliance



To perpetuate the profitability of insurance in a changing world.
The insurance industry is facing a new reality and is facing competitive pressures, new regulations and more demanding market conditions.
This rapid change is leading to a change in behavior among customers (and in the coming years, the pace of these transformations will accelerate).

Operational responsiveness and flexibility are vital to staying at the forefront of the marketplace: Innovative and competitive products need to be developed more quickly, customer loyalty and control of information while accelerating processing cycles. In addition, all these imperatives must go through different channels.



Faced with increased competition, consumer demands and changes in regulations, the communications sector is undergoing a process of radical transformation.

As the economy recovers and businesses return to a growth strategy, companies in the industry stand ready to accelerate the roll-out of broadband, wireline and wireless networks.

We can help communications companies unlock more value from their network assets and operations by bringing new products and services to market faster and more cost-effectively. In return, our clients trust us and seek our collaboration for longer-term improvements in the value of their business.



Manufacturers have always been eager to meet the challenges of supply, operation, innovation and the ever-changing demands of customers. Collaborative production, mass customization and the demand for sustainable development, however, require a reappraisal of the fundamentals of the industry.

IN PARTNER is a leading provider of IT consulting and services for the industry.



By identifying your most important customers and prospects and integrating this knowledge with powerful analysis tools at the heart of the decision-making process, you give high performance access to your business.
The solution to date is the concept of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or Customer Relationship Management.



The integration of the customer into the center of the strategy as a lever for increasing value now affects all French and European companies.
In terms of information systems, service companies have begun to reorganize their system with the priority of:
The development of electronic exchanges with their customers.


Public sector

Confronted with the new expectations of citizens and the need to optimize its spending, the Public Sector is engaged in a vast transformation of its trades and its organization.

  • advice
  • Approach by business know-how
  • Mastery of technical know-how

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