The culture of IN PARTNER rests on the respect of an individual and mutual support between collaborators, and of a true collaboration.

Our objectives and our values

Four fundamental objectives guide us in our actions :

  • to use our expert testimony for the benefit of our customers thanks to a collaborative approach,
  • to guarantee a durable growth with the long-term,
  • to ensure our shareholders a return on investments,
  • to promote the continuing education of our collaborators.

With these objectives is added a set of shared values which guide our decisions and define our culture.


At IN PARTNER, the word “responsibility” has a direction. This is why we make a point of honor of answering the interrogations of our customers, we conclude our projects from beginning to end, without never neglecting our obligations. We answer of our results in front of our customers and collaborators.


Because competitiveness is essential in our trade, we do not spare our efforts to gain in performance and to reach excellence. For that purpose, we bet on the agility, flexibility and the proactivity. We constantly seek to optimize, to accelerate our processes while reducing the costs, without never losing sight of the fact the requirements of quality of our customers.


Direction of the service
Our mission first is to help our customers. That passes by a common reflection on their strategic needs. We anticipate their needs and their waitings in order to tie durable partnerships, which benefit each one. Proactive, we answer quickly their requests and let us suggest adapted solutions to them. A voluntarist attitude and a strong team spirit are of rigor.


The innovation is in the middle of our trade. It is source of dynamism, aspiration, creativity and emulation. Better still, it offers a length to us in advance on competition.


Because the wellbeing of our collaborators and the men in general imports us. We invest ourselves in sustainable development. We endeavour to respect us as individuals and to support us, without showing inconsistency. Our will is to set up an environment favorable to the concretization of the objectives and the blooming of each one.


Excellence is our objective. All our activities are aligned on the most strict requirements of industry to lead to concrete results. This ambition enables us to allure talents of exception, which attract in their turn of the coveted customers. To be the best is of course source of personal satisfaction, but more especially collective success.

They trust us

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In Partner with

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