• Do you wish to join a company which gives you the chance to live varied and enthralling professional experiences, to build an evolutionary and personalized course of career ?
  • Do you have the passion of the challenge and the success, a real thirst to learn and the will to belong to best ?
  • Do you wish to pursue a career in a company where the co-operation is more than one concept ?


IN PARTNER the possibility offers to you of building your career in the challenge and the diversity of its missions, of its fields of expert testimony and its international and local geographical presence.

That you are graduate or professional tested, you will find at IN PARTNER all the ingredients of an opening out career…


Trainees and graduates

  • Whatever your experiment, and as of your integration, you are autonomous in your work, you take responsabilities and you find yourselves vis-a-vis the customer…


Career appropriatenesses

  • Our methodology will bring strong foundations to you to launch out and progress in your trade. Our training programs but also the development of each experience feedback are the insurance for you of a constant professional enrichment which is translated in your evolution. Our global area network of experts as our device of individualized follow-up ensure you a collaboratif and human work environment.
  • The career appropriatenesses are multiple: that it is about council in strategy or technologies, of the trades of data processing or outsourcing, IN PARTNER proposes to you stations in many economic sectors making it possible each one to develop its competences, its knowledge and its centers of interest… in order to start an enriching career.


Trades of the council

  • Reference in the council, IN PARTNER accompanies the large companies and administrations on the way by high efficiency, since the strategic reflection until the implementation. The great diversity of the problems and the fields on which we intervene enriches our consultants and gives value to their experiment.


Experiment Senior

  • IN PARTNER, world reference of the council, accompanies more the large companies and administrations on the way of high efficiency, of the strategy to the implementation…


Career appropriatenesses

  • Combining capacity of innovation, functional and sectoral competences, IN PARTNER accompanies its customers on the way by high efficiency. Need to develop your competences in a stimulative environment? Join our teams IN PARTNER specialized in the trades of data processing.


The process of recruitment

All the candidates files which we receive are studied by our recruitment team: a first selection is carried out on CV and covering letter. The candidate is then invited to talks and meets two or three recruiters (to manage (S) and human resources). These talks will be the occasion for the candidate to validate his adhesion with our culture of company.

Our training courses falling under an optics of pre-recruiting, the selection of the candidates for a training course rests on the same process as for an employment. We meet the candidates at sessions of recruitment.


Some councils…

It is decided, you launch out in the search for your first job or training course. Our recruitment team advises you on the approach to be followed.

  • Write your cv
    • Your cv are the reflection of your course.
    • Your cv must be clear and balanced. Describe your experiments and arouse the interest of the recruiter.

  • Capitalize on your covering letter
    • The covering letter supplements your cv, it specifies your personality. You must explain in a clear way your community project.


Our job offers are listed here.


Would you like to send us your spontaneous candidature ?

It's here.

A few minutes will be enough to fill the application form.

We will immediately acknowledge receipt of your candidature and your file will be studied then by our teams of recruitment.

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