Welcome at IN PARTNER

Do you have the passion of the challenge and the success, a real thirst to learn and the will to belong to best ? Do you wish to pursue a career in a company where the co-operation is more than one concept ?

IN PARTNER the possibility offers to you of building your career in the challenge and the diversity of its missions, of its fields of expert testimony and its international and local geographical presence.

To join IN PARTNER is an adventure within a group under development constant. The collaborators are accompanied there as well in their daily practice, in order to develop their performances, as in their management of career, based on the merit. A tested methodology and a personalized training program are guaranteeing of your evolution, as well personal as professional.

  • An attentive follow-up of our collaborators
  • Your integration
  • As of your arrival in the company, you are accommodated and trained with the policies and methods of the Group thanks to a common course of integration.
  • The management of your career
  • The rise in competences and the development of career of our collaborators constitute for us a priority. This is why we take care to bring a personalized follow-up to them and wait them until they are truly recipient of their professional future.
  • The development of your professional path is thus leant with a process of evaluation and follow-up of career. This process, with annual rhythm, includes key moments allowing the evaluation of your competences and your performance: assessments of missions, annual talks, committees RH, maintenance of restitution and follow-up RH.


At IN PARTNER, we were always conscious that the data-processing excellence associated with the thorough knowledge of the processes key trade of our customers was the condition of a shared success.

This is why our collaborators can combine creativity and rigor, performance and open-minded for advising and developing the best solutions.

The growth of IN PARTNER was always accompanied by a policy Human Resources voluntarist aiming at developing the evolution and the development of competences of his/her collaborators. Mobility, evolution, formation, to be well with work are the key elements of this policy.



Wealth of the trades and the careers, diversity of the branches of industry, international dimension of the group, at IN PARTNER, the evolution is natural and practised mobility on a large scale.

Change of function, unit, control, activity, area line even of country… Professional mobility is a significant factor of your personal development: it enables you to widen your horizons and to enrich your competences.

For all these cases, a charter of mobility lays down the collective rules and the personal commitments of the group.

It is a will of the Head office of the Group which regards it as a natural evolution in the professional life of any collaborator. She is also seen like an asset for our customers.



To guarantee an evolution with each collaborator and to enable him to develop its competences form integral part of the policy Human Resources of IN PARTNER.

The GCM (Total Capability Model), reference frame of the trades set up at the international level, makes it possible to give a comprehensive view of the resources and competences.

“Performance Management” our system of individual performance evaluation is articulated around GCM and guarantees an objective and thorough annual follow-up. This follow-up is homogeneous in the whole of the Group.

For us, it is the possibility of anticipating the policy of recruitment, formation and development.

For you, it is the guarantee to profit from a course of career based on the development of competences.



A voluntarist training policy… Data processing is a sector in full expansion, resting on a great diversity of technologies and comprising a broad pallet of trades. In this context which evolves permanently, the formation is an essential means to make it possible to the collaborators to effectively ensure their missions and to evolve in their professional life.

Our objective :
To accompany the collaborator throughout his career : technical training, under development management, personal and linguistic.


Stations at IN PARTNER

The Functions exerted within our company are the following ones :

Control of work and Conseil

  • Functional and/or technical consultant
  • Assistance controls of work
  • Control of work

Subject mastery

  • Systems analyst/Engineer of development
  • Analyst/Engineer of study
  • Project manager
  • Director of project


  • Technician of exploitation
  • Analyst of exploitation
  • Engineer of production
  • DBa
  • Systems engineer/networks


  • Integrator of applications
  • Integrator of exploitation

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