Creation, Development, Administration and Audit ...

Outsourcing of databases and applications: Development, Administration, Industrialization, Support, Operations, Recipe, Control and Production Engineering.

Audit, optimization of SGBD database (Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL) (Aix, Linux, Windows).

Establishment of methods, tools for exploitation and production of databases.


DBMS development

  • Create and debug stored procedures and functions
  • Write dynamic SQL code for more flexibility
  • Design PL / SQL and PG / SQL blocks to group related structures
  • Create subroutines or triggers to solve functional problems


ORACLE Administration

  • Install Oracle software (server, client application ...)
  • Plan and create databases and licenses
  • Manage the space and implement the data schemas
  • Ensuring the security, integrity and durability of the data
  • Perform settings to optimize performance


POSTGRESQL Administration

  • Install and configure PostgreSQL on Linux and Windows
  • Creation, user management and access control
  • Migration of Oracle databases to PostgreSQL
  • Creation of the database and implementation of security
  • Implementation of procedures for backing up and restoring data


IN PARTNER is composed of qualified professionals, certified and mastering the relational model of the databases.

We position ourselves as the specialist on the installation, development, administration and exploitation of PostgreSQL databases in Central Africa.

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